E H A P   L a b s

American Medical Laboratories Testing for Mold Exposure                     

                      Testing for the Symptoms of Mold Exposure,

                            and Mold Sickness in the Human Body

                              In All 50 States, “No Doctors Appointment Necessary”

                                       Testing Available Nationwide 

   Local Doctor Referrals for Medical Treatment, and Health Insurance Filing Assistants are Available

                     Mycotoxins Produced by Mold are Poisons "See the Video"

                                    Nationwide Call: (855) 411 - EHAP   
                                    Home Office:      (860) 322 - 0772

            EHAP LABS, Linking the Environment Directly to your Health

Environmental Health Assessment Program Laboratories, or “EHAP LABS”, is America’s number one fungus, mold, mycotoxin, and mycobacterium testing resource laboratory for pinpointing exposure to fungus, mold, mycotoxins, and mycobacterium in the human body. EHAP Laboratories helps people link the exposure of toxic compounds in their environments, i.e. fungus, mold, mycotoxins and bacteria to the direct causation of disease within the human body. 

                      Mold Doctor                                                  


                                          EHAP LABS the Right Tests the First Time

                   Making the Connection from the Human Body to the Environment

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                         EHAP LABS testing for mold exposure and mold sickness in the human body